Tips for enjoying the weekend in Sao Paulo


Another weekend is here and everyone wants to go out, see people, hang out with friends, have some drinks and eat fancy dishes (do not forget to call an Uber driver if you feel like drinking that special cocktail). Everyone always asks me for tips on some nice places to go here in Sao Paulo. So, I always keep an eye on the news and those places that are not necessarily new, but offer quality services. I’ve selected some tips for places to enjoy a weekend here in Sao Paulo.

– Apothek Cocktails & Co

Good drinks prepared by one of the best bartenders in Brazil, Ale D’Agostino. The place is small, but crowded. They have some snacks, but their forte is really the drinks. In the matter of mixology, they outshine the competition. It’s impossible to drink only one. Be sure to try the Negroni!

Rua Oscar Freire, 2221. Pinheiros. Sao Paulo.

– Restaurant Maracujá

A restaurant that I’ve discovered a short time ago, but we loved it. Without much care for details in the elaboration of the dishes, one eats very well, at reasonable prices, compared to other restaurants of the city and especially the restaurants of Jardins neighborhood. It was a pleasant surprise that I must recommend to you.

Alameda Lorena, 884. Jardins. Sao Paulo.

– Ovo e Uva Restaurant

This is for the wine lovers! Ovo e Uva Restaurant has good dishes, but their strong suit are the wine labels and their super machines that everyone goes crazy wanting to taste a glass of each wine. Worth knowing.

Rua Mateus Grou, 286. Pinheiros. Sao Paulo.

– Borger Burger

One of the best burgers in town, (and new as well, since it opened a few months ago) in the technique of smash (the one that squeezes the ball of meat against the plate) the style of serving. Good snacks, lean menu and relaxed atmosphere. It’s worth checking because the snacks are really good.

Rua Virgílio de Carvalho Pinto, 211. Pinheiros. Sao Paulo.

– Guarita Bar

Another fantastic bartender takes care of drinks from Guarita, Jean Ponce. The environment at Guarita is simple, having only some tables and a beautiful bar, all vintage. Make sure you drink all the drinks you can and eat the pizzas they serve there. Trust me. They are all wonderful! I almosto forgot, try the bolovo too!

Rua Simao Alvares, 952. Pinheiros. Sao Paulo.

– Morrison Rock Bar

The most classic rock ‘n roll bar in São Paulo, it returned to the street that was his original address. With a new visual, they have managed to keep the old rock spirit alive, but now they are in a bigger place and with an absurdly wonderful sound power. Anyone who wants to enjoy a table and watch the band, also can (in the old house it was impossible). For the rockers on duty, there’s the hint.

Rua Fidalga, 531. Vila Madalena. Sao Paulo.

Este texto foi traduzido pelo Professor Rodrigo Guth, que dá aulas na English Partner. e o Instagram como @english.partner

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