Everybody tells me that I only write travels for singles or the those who wants to travel alone. Well, what can I do? I am single, so I have to write about what I live during my days.

But, I know what a couple needs, what they want to live and do. Thinking about this, I made this sweet and romantic list, for aaaaall the couples around the world. Enjoy, babies! <3

– Paris, France
Classic, always romantic and never over. All the couples in the world should go there, and live a little parisien style of life. Eating healthy, drinking wine, etc. Perfection!

– Jamaica
Totally different but this beautiful couuntry is perfect to live a romance. Exotic beaches, warm weather and great hotels to know.

– Disney, United States
For all the funnies couples that wants to enjoy like children. All the parks and all the magic that only Disneyworld has.

– Côte D’Azur, France
One of my fav places in the world and one meaning of perfection. All the beaches, that blue shore and those sunny days that you will find only in South of France.

– Praha, Czech Republic
All the time I was in Praha, I was so emotional. This city is totally perfect for couples. Romantic, beautiful and full of history, places to see. Amazing!

– India
This country is pure mess, but they have the most beautiful building made for love. I am talking about Taj Mahal, built for love, preserved for love too. So beautiful!

– Bariloche, Argentina
During the summer, during the winter, this city is full of beauty to see. And for sure, all the couples that go there, will be happy to share good moments.

– Cartagena, Colombia
This city is historic, full of colors and perfect to walk hand in hand, wearing sunglasses and light clothers. Cartagena is like a dream.

– Bruges, Belgium
The most beautiful city of Belgium, definetly. Everybody tells that this city is the North’s Venice of Europe. Wonderful city to be with the one you love.

– Venice, Italy
Classic. One of the most visited city of the couples in honey moon. Venice is… Venice. Who wants to go there? Everybody! Classic and romantic Italy. I love this country!

– Toledo, Spain
Toledo is a city with a lot of history to check and to live. Medievals places to see, the city is perfect to walk around and feel all the love that you will find there. Perfect for couples.

– Jericoacoara, Brazil
One of the most beautiful beach in the world, and for sure, the most famous brazilian sunset ever. This place is wonderful for the couples who wants to have some days at the paradise.

– Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
For the internet audience, this place has the most beautiful beach in the world, Baía de Sancho. Noronha is amazing, full of wonderful places to see. What are you waiting for?

I hope all of you couples likes this list! Please, please, please! Take your love and walk around, go to see the world. For sure this experience will make your love stronger. =)
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