Gone to the Beach, the beach house in Cape Town


It was very difficult to get off the African Savannah. Trust me! That natural energy, those animals and those landscapes, will be with me for the rest of my life. But tourism in South Africa is not just about safaris. In fact, the beautiful Cape Town is the most visited city in the country. More than Johannesburg, more than the safaris, more than Durban. Believe me. It’s a hard fact. And today I want to tell you more about the southern part of this city. The region of the Cape of Good Hope, region of Scarborough, where beautiful beaches are waiting for you.

We spent two days on this beach. It was perfect for touring the area, which would be much more complicated to do if we had stayed in the center of Cape Town. The region is very beautiful indeed, so I recommend staying there for at least two days. We stayed in a house that is in Booking, called Gone to the Beach. This house is famous since if you type in the search applications or gps, you will find it there (hahahaha). But it does deserve said recognition, because the structure of the house is really beautiful.

Before telling the details about this incredible house almost standing on the sand, I want to tell you a bit about the area where it is located, which is called Scarborough. I told you about this beach in another article about the southern part of Cape Town, but it’s hard not to talk again.

Scarborough is about an hour away from the center of Cape Town. A beautiful area, perfect for those quiet weekends that we just want to walk on the beach. Well, in summer it might be possible for a normal person (I mean, a person who is not wearing those special clothes that give extra heating, such as surfers) can go for a swim on the beach, but in other times, I find it very difficult. The water is very cold, around 15 degrees. It’s hard enough for us to want to swim at such low temperature. For you to have an idea, the temperature that the body likes, which is pleasant for us, is usually around 28 degrees. Can you imagine?

But the truth is that the region is beautiful. With small cafes and restaurants, you can eat out if you do not feel like cooking at the Gone to the Beach house. I’ve already said it but I’ll say again. The Hub Cafe is almost next door to the house, worth going there for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s a beautiful place, with nice things on the menu and nice people to serve you. We fell in love with the place.

The beach, as I said, is beautiful. So staying there is a good idea. However, if you want to get the car (to be there, it is essential to rent a car and as they are right-hand, I recommend an automatic car), it is worth doing the walks in the region. We found a wonderful art gallery in an open area. It’s called African Sculpture Gardens. They make artwork with unique pieces of wood or stone. From small to huge ones that took 2 years to be carved. Wonderful. For those who like it, the tip is precious. It makes you want to take the whole store.

Now talking about Gone to the Beach. An amazing beach house. It can easily host up to 10 people as it has rooms at the top and bottom. Their master suite has a view of the beach. To wake up every day happy and be there. The morning sun picks up well in the bedroom window as well. Delicious. The rooms are huge, well decorated, as are the rest of the house. It is first noticed that the owner of the house is very fond of nautical themes.

They set up a complete kitchen for those who enjoy cooking. I love to cook, the first day we arrived, it was Alê’s birthday eve. We set off on a journey to the local markets to see if we could find the ingredients for the special dinner I wanted to prepare for him. We were in about 3, but we managed to find everything. A South African wine, that here in Brazil is over 100 reais each bottle, we found for something around 15 reais, all for the asparagus risotto with ham that I wanted to prepare.

I did not struggle. The house had everything to prepare any type of dish. I cooked without a recipe, remembering it by heart and using my culinary instinct and it got super delicious. We lit the fireplace (because it was very cold in the area, it was winter after all), we were eating and drinking a good wine. It was wonderful. I had never had this experience of cooking something nice during a trip, because I always end up staying at hotels. I confess that I really enjoyed making a delicious meal for us to enjoy together, in front of the fireplace and drinking a good wine.

The house has 3 bathrooms equipped with beauty products, towels and showers. Besides that we do not have to worry about sheets, because they have everything there. It has wifi and several heaters to keep the rooms warmer in times of cold. It also has a small pool for us to have fun and a table tennis set outside. You can even organize championships with your friends!

A very important detail is that there are notices around the house and the entire region! They face a serious problem with baboon monkeys. They are usually aggressive, stealing things that are with you (like a snack or food), scavenging trash, breaking windows from homes and cars if you want something that they want. They are practically Brazilian robbers, only unarmed. So beware of them. Do not leave the house without all doors and windows being properly closed and do not leave food exposed near the windows, even if they are closed. At Gone to the Beach there are several lockers and places to store food. Use them to avoid problems with these chatty beings.

The Gone to the Beach house is just a few meters from the beach. One block, to be exact. It winds a lot, so it has usually got a lot of waves. Go for a walk on the beach and enjoy the sunny days (most of the year), but do not forget to bring a sweater (I do not know you, but I feel cold to any frosty wind). Sunscreen is always fundamental and the rest is just joy. It is worth knowing the region and the house.

I am sure you will love having this home experience away from your home. I liked it a lot and I would repeat this script easily, because everything there is very beautiful. I’m too suspicious to talk about South Africa, because I was really in love with everything there. So, I think it’s fair enough that each of you go there to check it out with your own eyes. Cape Town is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Gone to the Beach

Seagull Road, 28. Scarborogh. Cape Town. South Africa. (You can also find the house by booking.com)

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