Food, Culture and Fun in São Paulo


Once you are in São Paulo, you are in the middle of a city that never sleeps. If you want, you can find good things to do 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. And it is easy to get lost and don’t know where to start your journey in our city. So, here I am to help you to find the best of São Paulo, and check what worths to see here, according to your way to travel. Come to São Paulo and feel the best of this crazy and beautiful city.

Top 5 Restaurants

– Maní

One of the best restaurants in the city and that one you should go because the place is wonderful. This restaurant is my fav here, so I have to leave this tip for you. Helena Rizzo is one of the best chefs in the world.

– Bio

I could say about D.O.M. but everybody knows that it worths to visit. What not everyone knows is that Bio is the brand new restaurant of Alex Atalla and there they use everything in the food. Everything. They don’t spent nothing to garbage. The price is much better than the others restaurants of him.

– Mocotó

This is one of the most Brazilian restaurants you could visit on your trip. Northeast original food, pure Brazilian history in your plate. Don’t miss the caipirinhas and the “bolinhos de tapioca”. Please, eat until you almost explode (hahahaha).

– A Casa do Porco

This place stays at the Center of São Paulo, so if you are not staying there (it is not the best place to stay), go with Uber. But go, don’t miss this visit. Jefferson Rueda gets this restaurant in the Top 100 of the world. So, once you are there, eat a lot of “linguiça” that it is his specialty.

– Tuju

Tuju works only if preview reservation and if close tasting menu. So you pay for the dinner and eat some plates that the Chef choose. Very good restaurant and even they are new, Tuju is already at the Top 100 of the World too. Very Brazilian food.

Top 5 Culture


The biggest museum of São Paulo and that one that has the most important gallery in the country. MASP has paints from 1500 until now. Stays in Paulista Avenue and we can find there Von Gogh, Monet and all the bests artist of history art.


After your daily walk at Ibirapuera Park, go to MAC and walk around the stages seeing the best of Brazilian contemporary art. If you get hungry, don’t worry. You can find goo food at Vista Café (at the first floor) or at Vista Restaurant (at 7th floor). Even if you are not hungry, go to the top to check one of the most beautiful views in the city.

– Teatro Municipal de São Paulo

Once in São Paulo, check the schedule of this Teather and go to listen some good classic music there. Again, it stays at the Center, so go by Uber and don’t think to walk around, ok?! This area is not safe and has a lot of drugs users and homeless there. But the teather is wonderful, and it is ok with you go by Uber.

– Pinacoteca

I just love this museum. Stays in a very beautiful building and has a lot of good paints and scultures of Brazilian artists. For you to feel our art, you should visit this museum. It worths your time.

– Museu do Futebol

In English, this is the Soccer Museum. Well, once you are in soccer country (I don’t think it is anymore, but the fame still), you should check this museum. Stays at Pacaembu Stadium and it is a beautiful thing to do in your trip. You will know more about or most famous sport.

Top 5 Drinks

No need to write about, all these bars are simply incredible! You just go, ask for your favorite classic drink and enjoy the night.

– Apothek Cocktails

– Guarita Bar

– Peppino Bar

– Raíz Bar

– Trabuca Bar

Top 5 hotels to stay

All hotels I choose stay around Jardins area, that is the best place to stay at São Paulo. Safe for turists, with good restaurants around, you can walk, you can go to Oscar Freire Street and buy stuffs, easy to get the metro and beautiful streets to walk around. You can do everything with Uber and pay almost nothing.


– Tivoli Mofarrej

I just love this hotel and it is my favorite here in São Paulo. Not just because of the beautiful rooms, but even because of the great bar Must and because of the wonderful restaurant Seen that stays at 23th floor and has a perfect view of the city.

– Unique Hotel

This hotel is also wonderful. Has beautiful views from the city and the best view for a breakfast. Was the favorite hotel of Anthony Bourdain at São Paulo.

– L’porto Bay Hotel

Another one very fancy and beautiful. Near a lot of things, just across Avenida Paulista and some metro stations. Feel free to walk around and check the places. Good restaurants, good bars and nice people.

– Renaissance

They have a good teather if you wanna watch some show. Well, all of them are in Portuguese, but you can try. Nice hotel, with good location too. Enjoy the hotel area like the restaurant, bars and pool.

– Emiliano Hotel

I think this one is the most expensive hotel of São Paulo, but one our money has no value outside (even inside) you can try to stay here for a good price to you. Perfect restaurant, the hotel is such a beautiful place to stay. To be treat as a queen/king. You should know this one.

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