Are you ready to enjoy São Paulo? Follow these tips!

Everybody knows that São Paulo is the city that never sleeps. We can find good stuffs to do 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. No doubt. So, if you are planning to come here for some days, follow these tips to feel the best of this wonderful and crazy city. I will put one article per week, with 5 good restaurants, 5 tips of culture and 5 good bars.

Ps: a good way to enjoy and be safe here, is to find a local friend to help you and guide you. Don’t forget. Your experience will be much better.

5 Top Restaurants

– Maní
One of the best in the world, and my favorite here. Good brazilian food, with fresh products and the sweet touch of the top chef Helena Rizzo. Book a table before goes, because there is a big wait for a table everyday.

– Varanda
For years, this restaurant is the best when we are talking about meat. Worths to know because here in Brazil, we are expert in barbecue, and this restaurant is one of the best.

– Nino
This restaurant is new in the city, and already has a loyals clients. Good italian food, good wine menu and intimist place to stay. Perfect for dates and couples. But also for the wine happy hour with your friends.

– Sal
A good restaurant headed by Henrique Fogaça, one Masterchef, inspired by brazilian food with elegance. One of my fav here, the place is full of skulls and the rock is always playing. You should go there, but book a table before.

– Mocotó
Another restaurant on the list of the best in the world, brazilian food. But this one is special of northeastern food. Perfect to spend the whole saturday there, drinking caipirinhas and eating the specialties.

5 Top Culture

– Sala São Paulo
This place is wonderful to visit. Stays at Júlio Prestes Square, near the center. There are some apresentations of orchestra and some people chose there to get married. Check the schedule and go.

– Teatro Municipal de São Paulo
This teather is wonderful, and you should visit once you are at São Paulo. Stays right at the center, and it is perfect outside and inside. Comes from the 20s and it is inspired by the Ópera Garnier of Paris. Wonderful!

The most important museum in SP and one of the most important in the world. There are beautiful paints to see, as Cezanne, Rafael, Modigliani, Van Gogh, Monet, etc. So, you can see that this place should be visit.

This is the Image and Sound Museum. This museum receive a lot of funny and good exhibitions, as Tim Burton and somethings for kids. Check before goes, and buy the ticket in advance.

– Instituto Tomie Ohtake
This institute receives a lot of good exhibitons during the year. Dalí, Frida and Miró were there. There is a place for theater performances, with good space and good people working there. It worths to be check.

5 Top bars

– Frank
This bar should be visit because the bartender is one of the best in Brazil, and maybe in the South America. He is creative and knows how to treat good the elements of the drink. Just go!

– Skye
For sure one of the most famous view in the city. Stays at the rooftop of Unique Hotel, and if you are not staying there, you should visit for some drinks and to have dinner. The place is so beautiful and the view is really awesome.

– Bar Samba
This place is perfect for the saturday. You should go early and eat the famous “Feijoada” listening the famous “Samba de Roda”, the true samba of Brazil. This experience is wonderful for those who wants to feel the brazilian vibe.

– Kiaora
A New Zealand pub, with good music and happy people that goes after work for the happy hour, that longs for some hours. Good drinks, good place and people that always wants to have good time.

– GT & Bar
This place is perfect for those who loves Gin and all the drinks we can taste with it. Good selection of drinks and so beautiful apresentations. Go there for the happy hour and drink as much as you can. The drinks are awesome!

Perfect! Now you already have some good tips to enjoy your stay here in SP. Wait for the next week that I will give you more 15 tips! =)

What are you waiting for? Book your flight soon!! And come to São Paulo!

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