For those who don’t know what means “Viagens da Talita”, because it is a name in portuguese, I can help. It means “Talita’s Travels”. Travel any place, or just traveling on my thoughts, ideas… The fact is that I am traveling all the time. And for my first article in english, I wanna write about my fav city and my favs hotels there. Paris and all that magic that we love!

My view from Hotel Napoleon

Everybody knows that I love Paris. This is not a secret for anyone. I always wanna go to this beautiful and wonderful city. Paris is magic, romantic and makes evertone fall in love with it.

Tuileries Garden

For sure, to make your trip much better, you have to choose a good place to stay and enjoy the nights, to recharge your energy, take good showers and start the day trip with a good and healthy breakfast.

I had the experience to stay in 4 amazing hotels during my last trip to Paris, and it is from them that I wanna talk about today. I hope you like my list and put them on your wishlist for next travels. They worth the time there, for sure!

– Hotel Napoleon (5*)
To stay at this hotel, you will have a five stars experience with a price of four stars. So, it worths to spend a little more and stay some nights there. The location is amazing, right next from the Triumphal Arch, and very close from the Eiffel Tower. If you walk a little more, you will find the Champs Elysées Avenue, to shop everything you want. From my suite, I could see both. It was wonderful to wake up and take a good look around the city from there. The bed was confortable, the bathroom with L’Occitane products to make us happy. I loved my days there and I can say that this hotel, will conquer your heart forever.

– Hotel Le Pradey (4*)
For those who like a great boutique hotel, this place is yours. The hotel Le Pradey is a lovely cosy hotel, with a lot of culture around. Maybe to make a reference from the neighborhood. The hotel stays like 30 meters from Tuileries Garden and Louvre Museum. And if you walk to the other side, you will find the Paris Opera Garnier and Lafayette Galleries. If you cross the river, you will get the D’Orsay Museum. Want more? The hotel has a partnership with a Spa close from them, with massages and pool. You just have to schedule your time and go. Be free to enjoy everything that this hotel can offer to you.

– Hotel Le Marianne (4*)
A lovely hotel for those who wants to have a good experience in Paris, and don’t pay so much for this. Le Marianne stays very near from the Champs Elysées Avenue, and you can go walking until Concorde Square, Eiffel Tower, Triumphal Arch, etc. The location is very good. A wonderful bathroom, with a lot of light and an amazing hairdryer (tip for women) and a lot of mimes that make us happy, like chocolate cake for reception. Confortabe bed and silence room, I slept a lot there. And they have a good Happy Hour, with a lot of good drinks for us to enjoy.

– Hotel Lumen Paris (4*)
This is an elegant hotel for your trip to Paris. They have amazing rooms with beautiful decoration. The mimes start with Godiva Chocolat for us and Hermés products to make us more beautiful. The location is very good, close from Seine River, Tuileries Garden, Louvre Museum, etc. The plus of this hotel is the restaurant dowstairs. One of the best of that area in Paris, and it worths to pass one night there and enjoy your dinner. The price and the size of the rooms is different according the number of guests. Nice for alone traveler and couples.

To enjoy Paris, pick up your favorite one. Anyone will be wonderful for your trip, and for sure, the experience will be awesome. No mistakes choosing theses places to enjoy much more this lovely city that makes everyone fall in love! Paris is there to remember us that our dreams can come true! <3

Tuileries Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens

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