Khaya Ndlovu Manor House, a luxury lodge at South Africa


Following this journey to tell every single precious tip about this perfect trip we made around South Africa, today I wanna talk about our second lodge. The second lodge we stayed. This one is completely different from the first, other reserve, other animals, other way… well. Evrything is different, but that essence of being part of the wild nature and feel all this strong and pure energy, keeps on. I must admit that being at the lodge Khaya Ndlovu was very special. I will write about everything. Hold on!

I start explaining about the reserve. This reserve is completely different from Sabi Sand. I believe that the most knowing difference was that the threes there were not broken. Wanna know why? At Khaya Ndlovu there is no elephant (this is the only big five animal you won’t see there). Yet! Because I receive infos that they are checking to buy some elephants to the reserve. Well, the fact is the threes are big and not broken, change all the landscapes. Completely. I don’t know what I think about this, but I liked it. It is wild in a different way. Ah! But they have that open areas that the cheetahs like to hunt too.

Talking about the animals. At Khaya Ndlovu was the only place we saw too animals. The Cheetah, that is really really beautiful and majestic. It is so big and tall. I thought it was smaller, but no, she is big and tal. Wonderful. And we saw the wild dogs too. They are small and always walking with your friends and family. The wild dogs are very good hunters, always together. We saw lions, zebras, giraffes, bulls, a lot of antilopes, etc. I know they have hienas and leopards, but we didn’t find them. Well, I know about the hienas because they were singing beside our room too. Exactly like the other lodge. What happens with her?! (hahahaha).


Now, I wanna talk about the rhinos they have at the reserve Khaya Ndlovu. As a way of prevetion against the worst predator of rhinos, the human being, they make a procedure on the rhinos that is a little somewhat controversial. They remove the horns of the rhinos. The illegal hunters (I don’t know if there is some hunter legal, hope not) invade the private reserves and national parks with only one goal. To remove the rhino’s horn (poor rhino), because on the black Asian market, the horns worth a lot of money. Unfortunately, the “people” that make this massacre on the rhinos, don’t have any care and in the most of the times, the rhino just die. This is the worst problem we face against the danger of extinction of the rhinos, and even with all this, the hunters don’t change their minds (until some lions make a little party with them when they find this damn hunters).

At Khaya Ndlovu, they remove the horn before the hunters come, with the right care, in the right way, with no chance to death. With a vet team that defend this conduct. There is some people that is against it, telling that without the horns, the animal could not defend itself againt the natural predators. Ok that the rhinos has just a few of natural predators (who will face this huge animal? Only the hippos), but their nature changes without the horns. Well, I don’t have an opinion about this, because I am so in love for these animals, that my emotional part don’t let me form an opinion. But there at Khaya Ndlovu, we saw a group of 4 white rhinos, eating, slowly, calm and they didn’t bother about our approach. I cryed a lot again and again. So, I loved to see the rhinos at Khaya Ndlovu, even without the horns. They looked so happy there.

Now, I wanna write about the facilities and everything we can find on that beautiful lodge called Khaya Ndlovu Manor House. First of all, the breakfast. Yes, we have that view during the breakfast. We can eat looking at one of the most beautiful landscapes ever, eating fresh colorful fruits and everything. It is wonderful. There is a small artificial lake right in front of the pool, so we can eat looking for some animals that come to drink water. The breakfast is a show. The people who works there is so nice, lovely and gently. I just could not stop eating during the breakfast!

The dinners are so special too. Alê and I had a wonderful dinner, looking at the savanna and by candle lights. The food always spectacular. Couvert (always some great soup), the starter, main dish and the dessert. Everything perfect, delicious and always in harmony with the South African Wines we always drink. Really wonderful. The breakfast and the dinner is included on the price of the lodge.

They have a lot of things that we can schedule before our travel. Hot air ballooning on the River Canyon, twice a day they have the Game Drive, walk drive, day trip to National Park Kruger, and more. Make your reserve before. You can find the list on their website (in the end of the text). We made 2 game drives in the end of the day. The safaris always starts at 6h and 15:30. During 3 hours at least. This is how it works, in every game reserve.

And, what can we expect about Khaya Ndlovu Manor House? Well, they are in a good location, where you can get there travelling by car. It was so easy to get there, because the roas and the signs are very good. Our suites was wonderful, so beautiful. Quiet, warm, with an elegant decoration, the bathroom was all in stones, very beautiful. Our room had a view for the garden. Lovely.

The have a swimming pool. But not a comum or simples swimming pool. It is a pool with a infinite edge and in face to the reserve. More beautiful, impossible. Check out these pics we had there. The water is not warm, but in days of hot sun (almost every single day, even during the winter), we can dive the get freshy. In our last hours there, we were at the pool and a huge antelope passed throught the fence and come to say hello to us. He was so sweet, and I wanted to bring him home with me (hehehehe). Our big buddy.

They also have a place like a nature spa, where you can make massages looking at the view, the savanna view. Oh, sure. The whole lodge was make to give us beautiful and stunnings views to the savanna. With lucky, we can see a lot of animals walking around.

I just loved our days at Khaya Ndlovu. It was really special. The people, we felt at home there. The team is first class there. It was wonderful to met such wonderful people, see a lot of stunning things together. As this trip was special, our time at Khaya Ndlovu was special too. I just can feel good remembering about there. We felt at home, being loved for everyone. I think that one of the reasons about our trip has being so unforgettable, is because of the people we met there.

If I recommend the Khaya Ndlovu Manor House for my friends and followers? Absolutely. They have a good price for Brazilians (everybody knows that is expensive to make a trip around the safaris and stay at the lodges). For reeal, the price is very good. One of the reasons I wanted to know this place, is that I can say for the Brazilians that you can stay there. I know a lot of people have this dream to make this trip, to see the “African Safari”. So, I am here to help you, guys. And the first tips is this. Khaya Ndlovu.

Khaya Ndlovu Manor House

Acess their website for more infos and to make reserves. Say you saw here. They will love to know.

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