5 places in Europe to practice sports


Many people love to travel and keep up taking care of the body. For those of you who enjoy playing sports when you are on the road, here are my tips for traveling in Europe. Yes, the European continent is beautiful and there are several breathtaking places. Practicing exercises there won’t be a difficult task at all.

1) Run and swim in Lake Le Mans in Geneva, Switzerland

The business city of Geneva is beautiful, quiet, and organized. To enjoy further your visit there, you can jog around Lake Le Mans, admiring the beautiful Jet D’eau and birds that grace the landscape. If you are brave enough, you can take a swim in Le Mans Lake itself. The Swiss swim in it even in the Fall, even if the water is very cold.

2) The Baths of Budapest

Budapest’s thermal baths are world-renowned, and many tourists visit the city only because of them (as if Budapest was not beautiful and full of other attractions). There are ancient baths (Roman, whose ruins can still be visited) and modern ones (in the hotel Gellert). They say that the thermal waters there are capable of invigorating anyone and do not doubt it. Spend your time there and spend some time in one of the available saunas to complete the wellness session. It is worth dipping into this tradition, as some hot springs have been active for more than 500 years.

3) Pilates or yoga at St. James Park in London

For me, it’s the most beautiful park in London. It’s very green, there are lots of squirrels running through the trees, birds singing, flowers in Spring, colorful dry leaves in Fall. It is the perfect setting for practicing any kind of outdoor exercise. Once there, carry your mat under your arm, choose the place you want (in the shade or in the sun if you are lucky) and take a shot on Yoga or Pilates. Make some poses and take a break to contemplate this beautiful park.

4) Cycling to the North Sea, leaving Haarlem

If you are in the Netherlands, riding a bicycle is almost mandatory. However, a different ride (besides riding around the streets of Amsterdam) is to go to the city of Haarlem by train and rent there a bicycle to go riding to the North Sea. We are used to going downhill to the beach. There, you will go uphill. So cool!

5) Play Tennis at the Jardin du Luxembourg, in Paris

For sports lovers, I have good news. The Luxembourg Garden courts can be used by anyone. You simply need to bring a racket and a partner to play. If you love tennis and will spend a few days in the city, take your racket in the suitcase and enjoy practicing this wonderful sport with beautiful views of the garden. You are going to love it, I’m sure of it!

Traduzido por Rodrigo Guth, professor da English Partner.

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